GoMo: Is your Website Optimized for Mobile – Really??

GoMo: Is your Website Optimized for Mobile – Really??

Did you know?

  1. The U.S. is home to the most mobile Internet users than any other country.
  2. As of June 2011, there are 322.9 million wireless subscriber connections in the U.S.
  3. More Americans have a mobile phone than have a passport!


Today with more and more of us carrying around smart phones, mobile apps and mobile websites are taking on greater importance than ever before. Mobile apps have made us accustomed to viewing information through small viewports that has been especially designed for mobile. QR Codes are being used to share websites with mobile scanners in magazines, point of purchase, marketing materials, on television, in newspapers and more.

Smart phones can access the internet just about anywhere and access to the internet is huge in sharing your company’s information. Most companies understand the value of having a website, but may not have considered the need to optimize their websites for mobile. Websites that have been designed for a desktop or laptop computer probably are not suitable for viewing on a mobile phone without scrolling or zooming and frustrating the viewer.

You should check your website to see:

  1. If your website is worth viewing through a small handheld viewport?
  2. Can you read it comfortably without zooming or scrolling?
  3. Is there an empty space where your awesome Flash graphic normally appears?
  4. Surely your phone number can be dialed with a simple touch instead of typing in the whole thing?

If you aren’t sure whether your website actually is really optimized for mobile, test it at Google’s new mobile testing site GoMo. GoMo: An Initiative From Google and quickly enables you to see for yourself whether or not you are giving mobile viewers to your website a positive mobile experience.

Make sure that viewing your website on a smart phone is a worthwhile experience. It may make a difference to your bottom line.